A reflection on Lacuna

‘Watched’ –  A Reflection upon Lacuna:

To consider the comprehensive outcome of our film, we must first revise our research question:

Merging the creative disciplines of performance and installation, projection and photography, we intend to scrutinise acts of leisure and their paramount excess, probing intimacy and consent, in turn, heightening the seemingly unconscious act of voyeurism apparent in such.

Our conclusive project became an instrument by which one can examine contemporary online anthropology and the character of the progressive voyeur transparent in such.

The film inquires into the circuitry of watching (as opposed to looking or seeing), to distinguish between the watcher and watched – unconsciously the viewer becomes the viewed through the implementation and invasion of the figurative element of the fourth wall.

It is within this act of conciliated transgression that ideals of consent and intimacy are scrutinised, as within the online domain privacy is but a stagnant societal construct, substantiated by the nature of the viewer/s performance.

Coalescing the creative disciples of image distortion, replacement and hoarding of filtered found imagery, we collectively staged an online performance and by documenting our results in an edited account, were successfully able to expose the seemingly unconscious act of voyeurism detectable within contemporary acts of definitive destructive leisure.

A sense of lacuna is ever-bearing within our performative piece as the the viewer/voyeur ultimately becomes the subject of the work, reversing roles and exploiting contemporary online anthropology.

With an outward lack of viewer jurisdiction, through the narrative of destruct leisure we have exposed the lacuna present in the contemporary act of voyeurism, fundamentally disclosing the paradox that is the voyeur and the viewed.

With the selection of found imagery we portrayed and the intentional curation in which it was projected, our film also probes notions of over-saturation existent within premeditated societal and cultural constructs, delineating the complexities of desire through historical and contemporary confines. Sexual and racial ideals of equality are tested as too are the spectrums of ethics obtained by the subjects involved.

Through the amalgamation of disparate creative disciplines, as a group we have been limitless in our attempt to scrutinise contemporary anthropology within the conceptual margins of ‘The Lacuna’.

By collating numerous techniques to collect, probe, investigate and innovatively epitomise notions of the Lacuna (such as glitching, replaying, losing information, gaining information etc), the results have been unfathomable.

Subjectively and as a collective, I am extremely pleased and admirable of the work produced by myself and my peers, and can successfully admit that the collaborative nature of designerly work is by far the most satisfying.


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