Reflecting on Lacuna

In considering the research question for the final film Watched, an achieved outcome, through reiterations of concept and exploration of creating methods, was conceived. Having a strong affinity with the concept of Lacuna, we were able to draw personal connections to define our state of Lacuna to be explored in Watched.

Through the creative disciplines of performance and installation, projection and photography, how can we scrutinise acts of leisure and the paramount excess; probing intimacy and seemingly unconscious act of voyeurism apparent in such?

Watched exposes the lacuna as the unconscious act of being watcher in a state of destructive leisure. Seemingly everyone is subject to engaging in unconscious voyeuristic behaviours due to the ever presence and over saturation of explicit imagery within society, that we have become completely desensitized to visuals of that nature, if not instantly there is still an innate curiosity to keep watching.

Utilising online chat rooms shows the voyeur in context where they become performers in themselves, in turn creating a performance of being the watched with the presence of a figurative fourth wall.

Filming these voyeurs and their reactions comments on the idea of consent and privacy as we film them in seemingly intimate and private moments, away from the public view. An online presence in turn projects unfiltered behaviours from said voyeurs, due to the oversaturated context of open intimacy and sexualisation on a digital platform and within society itself. As they log on and engage in the leisurely act of watching they unconsciously give consent to the web and subject themselves to scrutiny, where voyeuristic behaviours are expected from the online community.

The film project as a whole acts as a layered performance where the audience becomes a subconscious voyeur watching the voyeur on screen, the online voyeurs are documented due to their voyeuristic intentions, and the found imagery serves as the reasoning to the unconscious voyeuristic and destructive leisurely behaviour, with the act of projecting a film of explicit found footage onto the computer as the basis of the performance.

I chose this subject as i thought it would grant me the conceptual freedom to express through the practice of filmmaking and other respective mediums. Now at the end of this 12 week course, I believe i have experienced exactly that, particularly with the outcome of our final film being of explicit nature where our conceptualisation was not censored in the least. An invaluable amount of references and techniques have been brought into my knowledge with the opportunity of having worked collaboratively on an interdisciplinary field being most beneficial and highly rewarding.


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