Assessment (2) – Update

After consulting both tutors with our collated found vintage-pornographic imagery, we have further developed our conceptual exploration due to the edited online performance ‘No Fun’ 2010 by Eva and Franco Mattes, shown to us.

‘No Fun is the edited video of an online performance in which we simulated a suicide and filmed viewers’ reactions. It is staged on a popular website that pairs random people from around the world for webcam-based conversations.

Thousands watched him hanging from the ceiling, swinging slowly for hours, without knowing whether it was real or not. They unwittingly became the subject of the work.’ – Eva and Franco Mattes

Akin to Eva and Franco Mattes, we too which to conduct and film an online performance in which the viewer/voyeur ultimately become the subject of the work, reversing roles and exploiting contemporary online anthropology. 

To do so, we must collate further found imagery and audio and construct a film centred upon sexualised content and explicit subject matter to which we can show an audience through the online forum Chatroulette. We must then collate both forms of found imagery in an ideal format that mirrors that of the website.

An interface will need to be created in which we can embed both visuals, that will allow for the two scenes to play simultaneously as to mimic the nature of Chatroulette and permit an amalgamation of text, visuals and audio successfully.

In turn we aim to appropriate and recontextualise the work of Eva and Franco Mattes as a way of scrutinising acts of leisure and their paramount excess, probing intimacy and consent, in turn, heightening the seemingly unconscious act of voyeurism apparent in such.


Mattes, E, F. 2010, No Fun,, viewed 24/05/2017, <;


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