Week 10 Project B Planning


Our group has made many progressive changes within 2 weeks. This week was our final week to receive feedback before final hand in of the project. What we showed was our filmed live reactions through online chat room chatroulette. The experiment was a success as we were able to gather highly interesting reactions, capturing memorable characters as voyeurs to include in the film.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.29.50 am

Feedback we received from the class and tutors included:

  • Include omegle text as captions
  • Include omegle audio
  • Split looping/ all 5 mins different
  • Slow down sound
  • Needs a conclusion
  • Introduce with text – disclaimer message
  • Consider aspect ratio/interface


Surprises and challenges

Changing the outcome of the film into an online experiment has created the project experience into a more playful one, in turn highly engaging. It was surprising that our project took this turn for the better of the concept, as our initial avant garde idea seemed unattainable and strayed from the concept. So i would say regardless of the tedious hours we have put into the project and still need to do, we have steered clear of any major challenges due to our great collaborative group dynamic.


Considering said feedback what we need to achieve for completion:

  • Collate more imagery/gay
  • Film on omegle again with sound
  • Distort rest of vintage porn
  • Put it all together/ sequence storyline
  • Redesign interface
  • Include text
  • Title name

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 11.47.54 pm


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