Week 9 Project B Planning

Project update

The group has progressed on finding found imagery of explicit and pornographic nature this week to show the tutors in class. Upon showing a compilation of said footage the feedback we received was to experiment further with abstraction of the pornographic imagery where the voyeur is left in the unknown with this gap of missing visual information, totally relying on imagination to interpret the imagery.


We were still under the impression of filming human subjects as voyeurs to our found imagery, however during the feedback session the tutors showed us online performance piece No Fun. That lesson prior to feedback session we were enquiring into spaces to hire and general anxieties were high on the pricing and progression of the project. Seeing the piece from Eva and Franco Mattes, instantly inspired us to utilise the digital platforms of chatroulette and omegle which allowed us to have a collection of reactions and voyeurs and ultimately strengthened our concept as a whole. We decided as a group to focus on collecting as many reactions through online means which meant the idea of filming objects didn’t apply and was not necessary to bring in people to film reactions.

On another note as a group we collectively have decided to also:

  • find pornographic imagery that denotes to all people – races, sexualities, disabilities etc. as we found archival footage to be highly white washed, an interesting comment on the porn industry as we know it.
  • have the audio from the spliced clips run through out the film which creates a disjointed and uncomfortable sense, however works well with the imagery. Most of it will be inaudible due to the speed and duration of each clip (probably 5 seconds or less).

To do:

  • Compile more found footage
  • Film reactions to found footage using online chatrooms


Eva and Franco Mattes. (2010). No Fun. [Online Video]. 4 May 2010. Available from: https://vimeo.com/11467722. [Accessed: 17 May 2017]


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