Project Updates

Lacuna Abstraction Experimentation from Elise Doggett on Vimeo.

Password: lacuna

This was part of the video which we showed during our WIP presentation, showing a small snippet of the found vintage erotica imagery I made on Adobe Premiere Pro which was looped for presentation purposes and showcased the experimental abstraction effects and also the choppy soundtrack to match the spliced video footage.

After the WIP presentation, we received some really great feedback from our peers and tutors, where many of the aspects we already knew we needed to improve, or perhaps we were given alternate perspectives on possible future approaches. This included feedback to perhaps include the ChatRoulette text as captions, to look at overlaying the ChatRoulette audio (which we later discovered we didn’t actually record during the chat sessions due to technical errors). It was also suggested that we slow down the sound overall and to ensure that the entire 5 minute video contain fresh, original footage (this was always going to be the case, but we just looped the found imagery video for the moment to make up for time next to the ChatRoulette screen).

From here we created a game plan and re-evaluated the group roles to ensure that this project would be completed efficiently and to a high standard. We decided that we needed to collate more found vintage erotica and to start mixing in other races and sexual orientations so that the video wasn’t full of caucasian and heterosexual couples. This would ensure diversity of the film, and perhaps make some viewers uncomfortable if it wasn’t an ideal that they agreed with/didn’t like to watch.

We also decided that we would like to try and go back and record more interactions on ChatRoulette to have some footage that contained recorded audio from our voyeurs. This is something that I think will be at the bottom of our to-do list as we already have so many hours of footage from our encounters already. The time we have left needs to be dedicated to collating more found footage and then bringing that all together for the final product. Still some good feedback to take on, but I think having the captions of the chat displayed underneath the corresponding viewer could be more effective.

It was also suggested to us that we needed some sort of ending or conclusion, or rather we needed to think about how the video would end. Would we have a statement or a time stamp or would it end on one of the more uncomfortable encounters we experienced or perhaps a particularly unnerving found footage clip? Not only this, but we need to begin to think about layout and a title for our film as that could become a subtle yet powerful framework for our video to be housed in and act as a lens for our project to be viewed through.


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