Week 8 Project B Planning

After the in class lecture regarding Mise en scene, the group gathered and further brainstormed the idea of incorporating found imagery into what we had already initially ideated: Shooting a scene with participants on either side of a two way glass and filming their reactions being the voyeur.

We agreed on the idea of collating found imagery of explicit nature that would shock and incite interesting reactions from our filmed voyeuristic participants. The imagery would become a part of our mise en scene, to be played within a tv that would be used as a prop in the background. This would either be physically played during the filming or otherwise imposed during post processing. The style of explicit found imagery needed to be found are of vintage and retro style, as we collectively thought the narrative and visual nature were more appealing than modern day content.

We also plan to film sexualised objects, drawing inspiration from Stephanie Sarley’s fruit video works.


So far our roles in our project planning are:


  • sourcing objects to film
  • sourcing space to film
  • sourcing found imagery


  •  sourcing glass
  • transportation
  • sourcing found imagery


  • camera/lighting equipment
  • sourcing space to film
  • booking space at UTS to film objects
  • sourcing found imagery


  • sourcing objects to film
  • sourcing space to film
  • sourcing found imagery



Stephanie Sarley. (2016). Stephanie Sarley. [Online Video]. 3 February 2016. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfSk_g82ThQ. [Accessed: 10 May 2017].


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