Mis-en-scene + Project Roles

As we began to start finalising our ideas for our approach to our Lacuna video, we started looking into the materiality of reflective and one-way glass to blur and abstract meaning of this idea around a voyeur, and constructing our own fourth wall /panopticon.

We started brainstorming concepts surrounding the ideas of placing two models either side of the glass in a large, empty space that was dimly light with naked bulbs to create a contrast of the soft human bodies against an object that was geometric and industrial. From here we began thinking about diffused UV lights or even neon colours to bounce off the walls of the space or the human bodies themselves, whereby we would create a spectacle of someone performing, unknowingly for another, in a nude bodysuit on the other side of the reflective glass, that was then within the spectacle of the other person watching them. This would then be recorded from different angles and view points where then our audience of the final piece would be yet additional layer of top on of the initial voyeurism. This is making a comment on our initial research question about the nature of destructive leisure, the boundaries surrounding consent and the nature of voyeurism and how easy it can be to slip into that state.


Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 11.25.44 AM.png
La Porte Space – Studio 1

During this time, I began looking into creative spaces that we could potentially hire out to film in. I came across some incredible studios that were exactly what we were after, however reality started to sink in when it came down to costs of hiring such expansive spaces for half or full days. This was definitely something that we had to consider as our budget was a little tighter and we didn’t have a lot of wiggle room or cash to spend haphazardly. One of the best spaces I found was La Porte Space in Waterloo. Even just looking at it, we all became even more inspired. But again, cost was a big deciding factor.



Whilst these thoughts were occurring, during class activities, we experimented with augmenting sound to create a new reality.

This was really inspiring to us and we all agreed that having this mechanical, distorted and abstracted mix of sounds was an avenue that we’d like to pursue possibly, or at least experiment with, for our project. There would be a lovely contrast in beautiful imagery with the static and disjointed sound which could overall, pair nicely together.


In addition to this, during another class activity, artists who had showcased found imagery in their artistic practice were showed to us. This included the works from artists such as Larry Clark, whose video Destricted (below) was incredibly inspiring for us. This was a pinnacle turning point in our design process and thought as changed the original idea of having a real-time performance to constructing our own performance using found vintage erotica imagery.  All of a sudden, our ideas around voyeurism and consent and the notions of pornography in the public eye seemed to fit even better together and from here, this was our new approach to our Lacuna video.



Now that we had our project idea in a much more finalised state, each group members roles could be more specific and tasks could be delegated much more easily. My role for this project is to research and collate found imagery of vintage erotica, to clip and compile those in video editing software and also to ensure audio levels of the clips are consistent, accurate and match the visuals it is paired with. A large part of this project is going to be on my shoulders as I am really the only member at this stage who is comfortable and confident in using video editing software. Hopefully in the coming weeks, other group members will be able to assist me in the editing, or they will contribute a larger portion of helping to find the vintage erotic video and sound files.


From here, it’s just a matter on starting with our fresh concept and producing something for next week to see if we are on the right track in our approach and message.


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