Project Ideas

Moving forward I would love to continue exploring the ideas we touched on with our very first montage project. Ideas of wasting time, gaps in time and the repetitive nature within these ideas explored through filming in a montage style. Exploring these ideas through the perspective of a viewer or a voyeur and conveying this through lighting and mood within the film.

Some interesting questions to explore are:

  • Is wasting time, wasting time?
  • What is the role of guilt and gluttony of wasting time?
  • When does destructive leisure become dangerous or exploitative?
  • The role of prohibition and rules in destructive leisure?
  • How can ‘acts of leisure’ be consumed or commodified?
  • How often are these destructive acts are private?


I have found the following works which I find exciting/ interesting or inspiring.

Calvin Klein Fall 2016 Campaign

I find the colour palette and lighting in the first 30 seconds of the video very appealing and the filming style is interesting as it has been presented in a way where you feel you are watching the protagonist sitting around, wasting time.

Seiko Mikami ‘Desire of Codes’ Installation Artwork

This artwork is particularly interesting through its exploration of surveillance and how it montages found imagery as well as recorded imagery from the installation itself.

Ryan Shorosky ‘Nevada Mirage’ Photography Series

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 5.01.53 pm364998

(Shorosky 2016)

This series of images appeals to me, again, through colour palette and general dreamy mood. There is a certain aspect of voyeurism explored in these images and they evoke this sense that you are an unseen viewer on the outside.

Michael Donovan Photographs

Untitled presentation

(Donovan, nd.)

These photographs are shot beautifully while still being highly voyeuristic in a sense. The last image almost resembles the viewer being a ‘peeping tom.’

Reference List

Donovan, M. n.d., Michael Donovan, Michael Donovan Tumblr, viewed 18 April 2017, <;.

Shorosky, R. 2016, Nevada Mirage, Fotoroom, viewed 18 April 2017, <;.


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