Concept: Definitive Destructive Leisure

Definitive: done or reached decisively and with authority destructive: negative and unhelpful
Leisure: time when one is not working or occupied; free time

There is a clear paradox within this expression which we aim to explore within our film project. Definitive destructive leisure can be describes as a predetermined activity which is unhelpful, distracting or a ‘waste of time’. This is done during a moment of free time or when we are meant to be doing something else. It is filling a gap of time between activities or creating a gap of time on purpose to avoid activities.


Leisure time is usually spent relaxing or engaging in activities which might provide excitement and joy to the participant. To spend our leisure time in a destructive manner seems counter-productive, however we all do it more than we realise. For example:

  • Scrolling through social media
  • Sunbathing
  • Socialising with friends when there is productive work that needs to be done

These examples are more straightforwardly unhelpful, but we also engage in plenty of tasks that are productive on the surface but negative in context. This is where the concept becomes interesting as we are self-indulging through convincing ourselves that activities we are doing are in fact beneficial when in the current situation they are not.

  • Reorganising your work space Doing laundry
  • Having a nap

All these activities are productive or beneficial for oneself, however if you are doing them instead of work they become destructive.


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