Asphyxiation From Time

One aspect relating to the “lacuna” that could be worth exploring would be that pertaining to the concept of time and the inevitable, all-consuming space between the multitude of mundane moments in one’s life. The idea of being completely encapsulated and consumed by time, in the way in which one may feel suffocated and trapped by ticking constraints of a clock is something that really interests me. I think it could be really powerful to illustrate the way in which one’s lungs can collapse from the growing pressure of all the seconds that slip through their fingertips, an ever-increasing lacuna in their very own bodies. This consumption and asphyxiation could be demonstrated in a more literal sense, like in some of the examples from various artists that I’ve referenced below, but although these may seem more physically cliché, they way in which each of the shots is executed seems rather powerful and poetic.


In terms of filming techniques and the overall tone of the film, exploring the perception of time and how it is so fundamentally different for each person depending on their location in the world that is all ultimately effected by the speed of light, could add an additional element to the project. Using time of day and light patterns to portray meaning and evoke varying emotions could be rather interesting. Examples of inspiring lighting set ups are below.


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