Week 5 Initial Ideations

Having already collected ideas regarding the relationship between time and leisure as a lacuna there are different possible directions we can further our concept into. The following are my takings and examples on what had been discussed as a group and how we can further conceptualise.

An ideation stemming from our initial concept was to assess the value of sleep as a commodity and whether it can be considered time wasting. Sleeping can be a lacuna in itself as with the act you lose time, where for some doing so is a way of escaping the depths and pressures of reality, and for others a leisurely and luxury act within a busy and work induced society. Delving into the idea of sleep I found Tehching Hsieh performance piece regarding his lack of sleep an interesting take on lacuna.


Even though he was measured with 365 days of free time he calculated the experience like being in limbo, just waiting for the next punch”. As a group we all agreed on creating a voyeur as a perspective vantage point. It would be determined if this would necessarily be within an explicit nature, however this example also furthers the idea of creating a performance piece as a way to create the audience as a voyeur.






The above film piece is a reference regarding to our concept as sleep as a form of destructive leisure. The way the sleeping scene is filmed creates a sense of the fourth wall. The camera hovers in an intended watchful way which relates to the act of voyeurism we would like to incorporate into Project B.



The above photography series ‘The Sleep of the Beloved’, probes the ideas of intimacy and consent. The act of sleeping with a ‘beloved’ is a highly intimate act where the artists here choose to break down those walls and asks ” How do you take someones picture, who does not want to be seen, who wants to be hidden? Under the bed sheets?”.







In terms of aesthetic quality for Project B, as a group we highlighted the importance in including highly evoking lighting. It would be interesting to experiment with different colours in lighting to evoke mood and atmosphere. Self proclaimed instagram famous ‘Reality Artist’ Signe Pierce, has a distinctive colour palette and implores the use of neon lighting in her photography and film work. The lighting Pierce uses highlights her perspective on reality as a dreamy high like induced state as her work grapples between reality and performative narrative. Pierce also incorporates corresponding props which add to her curated mise en scene, something to consider for our final film.



Looking into the past to see the not-so-distant future 🕚

A post shared by Signe Pierce (@signepierce) on



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